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Welcome to ROAR Motorcycle

Hang in there...more readin!

It's a lot to read but, very important.

If you forward a "ROAR" ride email or otherwise invite another rider you are responsible for informin him/her about the ride information/waiver on this site.

If you do choose to ride any of the rides posted, or emailed from ROARG/[email protected] advised you

"Ride Your Own Ride; Ride at your own risk!"




(*Riders Of America's Roads)

* aka ROARGroupJohn

is not and does not claim to be, in any way,

a "Ride Organizer"

or "Ride Sponsor"

and assumes no responsibility for any ride/event posted here

or sent via email

Just being a ride "announcer"

U Wanna ride with this, but...

You are not welcome if...

U ride fast/illegal, burn out at stop signs, drink intoxicatin beverages while ridin or, take illegal drug, or your ridin skill is not at group ridin level

Re: Burn-outs and other reckless ridin...

You wanna do a "burn out" or any other less than safe know this: in addition to maybe bein cited by the local po-lice, the town/business may not want ROAR back and very important, you could kick up road crap and cause damage to another bike or rider, get hurt or, cause hurt to an innocent bystander.

 A definition *"Ride Your Own Ride" group.

The often-heard rule "Ride Your Own Ride" means that any guideline for group riding can and should be ignored when it doesn't make sense/or appears to be unsafe. Determining whether this is the case and acting prudently is each rider's individual responsibility at all times. Under normal circumstances, the Lead Bike will choose a lane, will determine the speed at which the riders are to travel, will suggest the formation which makes maneuvers in his/her mind safe, and will navigate as safe as possible under the circumstances.

Common exceptions to these guidelines occur with a rider who is not yet experienced with group riding. If a maneuver looks too dangerous or awkward for any rider to complete safely, he or she should do what he needs to do to protect himself and avoid an accident. This may mean passing up a turn or taking it very slowly, or parking somewhere not with the group, or going more slowly through a curve than the riders ahead of him/her.


(Regardless of a "lead rider/bike's" movement/direction/signal please always use your training/experience and common sense) ie., you watch the traffic/light/lane not just the bike in front of you...lookin way ahead is good, and...

if the bike in front of you is falling behind from the pack, or the bike behind you is ridin up on ya, lane weavin or whatever U R not comfortable with...when it's safe to do so, if you like, signal, pass legally, and resume a new position

This site is being provided as a courtesy & information purposes only to legal riders

Wanna ride with this group? Legal Riders Only

By ridin with this group of riders you are affirming you have a motorcycle endorcement license, or valid permit and have the required, by law, motor vehicle insurance and registration ("Tags")

No Current registration (plates) then you/your bike are not legal...and, it's assumed you do not have current insurance...please don't ride with ROAR.


*This group of riders is not a Motorcycle Club

*R.O.A.R. is only a group of riders who

have indicated placement on...

this ROAR Group Email list

RGJ's personal

rider email contact list

to be notified about ROAR rides/events in the KC area

Ever think you need to block a public road intersection for your group? Read this first...

[email protected] does not suggest blocking of intersections/traffic for group riders to pass thru unless you are a police officer on duty; if you choose to do so for some imminent danger of others and do wrong/make a gotta know, or should know, the liability can be devastatin if it's ruled you caused a crash, or pedestrian injury/death while doing so...for you personally, not to mention you being seriously injured, and most likely killed, or worse yet, you surviving & havin to live with it. Please ride smart!

Special note: If you happen to ride with another group and are invited to ride these rides you will be more than welcomed, and so will your ridin buddies. Riding these rides and/or registering on this site just gives you all the more contact for ridin friends, and more great rides to talk about "down the road."

If you should ever want to be removed from the ROAR group riders email contact list, or this web site (if you choose to register)

 send an email to John

and asap

you will be removed asap - no questions asked &

No hard feelings "for sure"

Hook back up whenever you can

"Ride Smart!"