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                              Motorcycle Escort Requests/No Blockers Please!!!

ROARmotorcyclegroup.com does not provide motorcycle "escorts." OR BLOCK INTERSECTONS. Please see position statement below. Thanks for your understanding.

ROARmotorcyclegroup.com does not support blocking of intersections/traffic for group riders/other motor vehicles to pass thru unless you are a police officer on duty; keep in mind...if you are not a police officer on duty it's most likely against the law and if you choose to do so anyway for some imminent danger of others and do something wrong/make a mistake...you gotta know, or should know the liability can be devastatin if it's ruled you caused a crash, or pedestrian injury/death while doing so for you personally, and possibly for your ride GROUP, riders and organizer not to mention you being seriously injured, and most likely killed, or worse yet, you surviving & havin to live with it. 

Food for thought...U ever wonder how some places can block main roads to allow motorist to leave private parking lots? They are blocking the legal right of way of riders/drivers. Last I heard...it's against the law! Call your local police and ask. Check the MO. State Statutes & city ords. Who else has legal authority to block right of way traffic unless they are on duty police officers, or, it's exigent circumstances for public safety and you, as a concerned civilian, take on the legal responsibility of doin so...Normally a motorcycle group rider is not lawfully blockin. You ride in a group with "blockers" or "stingers" they MUST be police officers "on duty" to be doing it lawfully, hopefully.

Also, we know some motorists do NOT like motorcycles. Blocking them could cause "road rage" or another unsafe situation and/or negative thoughts about law abiding riding groups like ROAR. 


Thank you for your cooperation.