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                                   "ROAR Wed. Dinner Nite"
As of 12-21-12
Please be advised the Wed. ROAR (dinner) nite is no longer being held/ sent by roargroupjohn@aol.com (John)
Thank you for your past participation in Wed. ROAR Nites

But, in the future...rides/meets for breakfast, lunch or dinner may still be sent  by roargroupjohn@aol.com to ROAR


Just some friendly reminders...

If you have a complaint about food or service please handle your complaint with the business server/owner not RGJ (John) Thanks!

You know U have the choice to eat or not to eat at the named ride stop location

Ride routes/eat locations are posted pre-ride only for your convienence

RGC/RMG.com is not responsible for anyone's behavior or sobriety (ever).

Have fun and be safe out & about folks!